Freedom (animated version)

We'll offer you a sketch drawn by the artist himself!

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アート作品は性質上、厳重な梱包のために配送時の大きさ変化したり、作品の価格によって保険料の変動など、 配送料が複雑なため、 送料の自動計算ができないことご了承ください。


Model: Bechan
Title: Freedom
To be passionate, to be loving and loved, liberated, admired, forgetting and making fun of clichés.

NFT specifications:
Body painting + Digital Art techniques

The act of making a body painting is an act of emotional sharing and fusion between artist and model. But it's not just that. It's also a way for models to communicate with you, through the images, their bodies and their soul. It may sound simplistic, but it seems that this closeness, this exchange, is therapeutic for both the models and me.
I've always believed in art as a way of inspiring, healing and encouraging people to challenge themselves and dare to express themselves freely. There's nothing passive about body painting for the model, quite the contrary. All the more so with my creative process.
Models' joys, fears, desires and aspirations are what I'm expressing first on paper and finally in those pieces. Freedom is feeling yourself, and these fabulous people have given me access to that freedom. The results of these encounters will inspire many of you, I hope.

Be yourself, be free!

We'll offer you a sketch drawn by the artist himself!


/ SMARTHOLDER Container digital art object (Body painting animate art embedded)
/ 785 × 480 mm (device size)
/ 2023