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LONG SLEEVE T-SHIRT / David Hockney, Piscine Royale(Black)

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アート作品は性質上、厳重な梱包のために配送時の大きさ変化したり、作品の価格によって保険料の変動など、 配送料が複雑なため、 送料の自動計算ができないことご了承ください。


A portrait taken in Paris by Helmut Newton. The subject is "David Hockney," a leading British contemporary artist, sitting on a chair with his arms and legs crossed. He has been involved in the Pop Art movement since the 1960s and has long been based in Los Angeles. Note the man and woman lying on the floor in the background, and the other people on the wall looking down on the scene in the foreground.

<Product Details>
40/2" is made of 40 count twin yarn.
The fine yarn gives the surface a luster and smooth texture.
This material is recommended for beautiful fashion.

<Material> 100% COTTON

<Dimensions> *Slight deviations may occur depending on the product. M: 66㎝ (body length), 57㎝ (body width), 52㎝ (shoulder width), 55㎝ (sleeve length) L: 69㎝ (body length), 59㎝ (body width), 54㎝ (shoulder width), 57㎝ (sleeve length) XL: 72㎝ (body length), 60.5㎝ (body width), 56㎝ (shoulder width), 59㎝ (sleeve length)

<Country of Origin>Made in Japan

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