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SHORT SLEEVE T-SHIRT / High Dive Monaco(White)

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アート作品は性質上、厳重な梱包のために配送時の大きさ変化したり、作品の価格によって保険料の変動など、 配送料が複雑なため、 送料の自動計算ができないことご了承ください。


"High Dive Monaco" 1983 (BY Helmut Newton)

A work from 1983. "High Dive Monaco" is a photograph taken in Monaco, where he moved after leaving France.

*Caution for handling - This product has a unique soft texture due to product processing. - Since this is not a permanent process, the texture will disappear with wear and washing. - To maintain the fluffy texture, we recommend tumbler drying or heating with a hair dryer after washing at home.

<Material> 100% COTTON

<Dimensions> *Slight deviations may occur depending on the product. M: 63㎝ (body length), 57㎝ (body width), 53㎝ (shoulder width), 22㎝ (sleeve length) L: 72.5㎝ (body length), 60㎝ (body width), 55㎝ (shoulder width), 23㎝ (sleeve length) XL: 75.5㎝ (body length), 63㎝ (body width), 57㎝ (shoulder width), 24㎝ (sleeve length)

<Country of Origin>Made in Japan

We have an Official License Agreement with INTERNATIONAL IMAGES, a Los Angeles-based company that houses the artwork and negative films of world-renowned photographers.